For Parents Home Schooling

Symmetry - designed for primary school children. Handout

Mazes, Minotaurs and Maths - designed for older secondary school/college students (or younger students with an adult helper). Handout (Source - https://plus.maths.org/content/maths-amazes)

For University Students

These handouts were made after requested by students in my tutorial groups, but some of them might be of help even if you aren’t on these specfic courses.


Sigma/summation notation revision Handout

Inclusion-Exclusion - examples for n=2 and 3 and the proof of the general case Handout

Revision session 2020 - covering double counting, bijections, derangements and past exam questions Handout

Revision session 2020 - covering recursive formulas and fibonacci numbers (specifically focusing on guessing the “general term”, past exam questions and the staircase method) Handout


Revision session 2021 - Functions, Congruences & Normal subgroups Handout

Properties that can be inherited for groups and for rings/fields Handout

A revision sheet on congruences Handout


Basic proof layouts and techniques - originally intended for people studying Linear Maths, but potentially of use to any undergrad student Handout

An example of finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors for a 3x3 matrix with one Eval/vec pair left to students for practice. At the end of the handout is an example of how to factor degree 3 polynomimals Handout

A handout orginally made for a student curious about how to recover the ‘‘standard’’ formula for a linear transformation when the basis is non standard Handout